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From Sarah: "I am a LMFT (licensed family and marriage therapist) and RPT (registered play therapist) with over 13 years of experience. I am highly skilled in working with individuals, couples, children and families. I have extensive experience in individual therapy, play therapy, couples counseling, group therapy and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR). All of my sessions are ONLINE so you don't have to leave work early to drive to my office- I am only a couple clicks away! The system I use is confidential and we chat just as we would in an office. There are many reasons that could have brought you here and I want you to know that I see you. Not literally of course- but in this moment. As a therapist, I am non-judgmental, accepting, open-minded and curious to get to know you and your situation. To allay any worries you may have, I offer a free 15 minute phone or video consultation. I look forward to connecting with you!"

Mental Health Q & A

What is mental health?

Mental health is a combination of your emotional, psychological, and social wellness. The state of your mental health affects everything, from how to think, act, and feel, to how you relate to others, handle stress, and make personal choices. If left untreated, mental illnesses like continuous stress and depression can also increase your risk of many physical health problems.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Sarah can help you navigate the mental health issues that you struggle with.Go online to make an appointment today.

What causes mental illness?

No one thing causes mental illness. It’s usually a combination of things that increase your risk of mental illness. Some of these include:

  • Biological factors and family history
  • Negative life experiences
  • Ongoing issues like illness

Although mental health issues are common, they are also treatable and many patients experience a full recovery.

What mental health services do you offer?

One of the first ways to address your mental health is with professional treatment. At LoginClinics, Sarah uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help patients understand the thoughts and feelings that are driving their behaviors. During the course of treatment, Sarah helps you identify and change destructive habits that are affecting your emotions and the way you act.

Sarah is additionally qualified in the following areas: 

  • (Clinician Administered PTSD Scale)
  • Bereavement
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
  • CBT-Supervision
  • System of Care (Child & Family Team meetings)
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Circle of Security Early Intervention program
  • Theraplay Level 2 trained
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (4-day Introductory Externship)
  • The Gottman Method Level 1 trained
  • Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator

What types of mental illnesses can be treated?

Sarah brings a wealth of clinical experience providing outpatient and Intensive In-Home Services to children and their families, especially as it relates to: 

  • Behavioral symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Intermittent Explosive Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Major Depressive Disorder

Online counseling is not appropriate for all kinds of problems. If you are in crisis or have suicidal thoughts, it’s important that you seek help immediately. Please call 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) or 911 and ask for help. If your issue is an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Serenity & Grace Therapeutic Services does not offer emergency services.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Sarah specializes in treating many different types of mental illnesses, including:


  • Family Conflict
  • Women's Issues
  • Trauma and PTSD


  • ADHD
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Borderline Personality
  • Child or Adolescent
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Divorce
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Life Transitions
  • Marital and Premarital
  • Parenting
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self Esteem
  • Stress
  • Substance Use
  • Teen Violence

Mental Health:

  • Impulse Control Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Personality Disorders


  • Bisexual
  • Gay
  • Lesbian



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